Bone-A-Fide Boutique
Dog Grooming with a Touch of Love
Jonica Sanders is the Owner/Dog Groomer

 Bone-A-Fide Boutique opened in September of 2001. Dogs are groomed to standard unless clients suggest otherwise.  Mixes as well as some pure breeds can be done differently each time if the client wants to have some fun changing its dog's hairstyle.

Jonica uses the latest tools and equipment available to today's Pet Stylists and attends the Hershey Pet Expo in September every year to keep up to date with the latest trends.  There is always something new to learn to make the experience easier for your dog and for its groomer.

We use all natural shampoos and take time to evaluate your dog's coat and skin to use the best shampoo for your dog.

A typical grooming visit usually takes at least an hour.  For the initial visit and for puppies,  extra time is scheduled  to get acquainted with the dog before starting the grooming process.  Matted dogs, bad behavior, and excessive hair can require more time and will be communicated to the owner/client at that time.

Your Dog shouldn't be afraid of his or her Groomer. It should be a pleasant experience for them from beginning to end. Remember Dogs are an excellent judge of character.

All vaccinations including bordatella(kennel cough) are required for grooming as well as boarding and obedience. This ensures the health and safety of your dog as well as your groomer.

To schedule an appointment for Grooming, Call (724) 664-3406  and ask for Jonica