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In the event that your Walnut Grove dog is functionally unsound or gets an evaluation from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), of severe hip dysplasia, complete the following procedure to qualify for a replacement of dog.

1.  Notify me by phone or letter.
2.  Send X-ray to me at 1082 Glade Run Road, Kittanning PA  16201
3.  Upon return of the X-ray, submit it to the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, 2600 Nifong Boulevard, Columbus, MO  65201

If the OFA finds dog to have severe hip dysplasia, the following must apply to qualify for a replacement of said dog.'

1.  The dysplastic dog must be neutered by your veterinarian and a letter sent to me stating he has done so.  The registration certificate must be returned.
2.  The dog must not be over 12 months of age.
3.  No dog will be guaranteed unless he carries the Walnut Grove prefix in his registered name, has not been used for breeding and is still with the original owner.

After these qualifications have been met, you may choose a replacement from one of my upcoming litters, paying the difference if the price of the replacement dog is higher.  There is no cash replacement.

Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health.  It has been completely checked by my veterinarian before being placed in it's new home.  If your puppy becomes ill within 10 days from the day you receive it, you must call me immediately.  If the illness is related to our kennel, we will pay the veterinarian costs, not to exceed the original price of the puppy.

All puppies are sold with Limited Registration. Which means they cannot be used for breeding or stud service.

If your puppy develops a congenital defect within 6 months from the date of birth, you may return the puppy and we will have it examined at our vet then concluding the findings the puppy will be replaced.

All dogs unwanted for any reason MUST be returned to me. If given to someone else I must notified of name and address of new location. None of my dogs are to ever be placed in a new home or shelter without contacting me first.

This guarantee applies only to Labradors purchased from Walnut Grove Kennel as a family companion and Excludes any dog purchased for show or breeding purposes.